The One (souncreative) wrote,
The One

house parties...

i've sincerely missed house parties...
the opportunity to converse with really close friends leisurely (without the tension of a sporting event or dinner or movie) has been so limited lately that i feel like i'd lost touch with a lot of my good friends.
and for a party that i really didn't expect a lot for myself, it was absolutely chill. got to enjoy some old drinking games, have some really pleasant (and interesting conceptual) conversations with people, and got to be in the company of some of my favorite people.

and it felt good to be paid attention to again.
for one of the first times in my modern life, i've been a focal point again, at least in my own mind. i felt wanted and accepted and a part of the event, and not just a side note that just so happened to show up.
people would come up to me and join my conversations i was having. it was fantastic.

all in all, great times, good night.
and to even better ones as they progress.
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