The One (souncreative) wrote,
The One

constant gratification

living in this world that seems to be dedicated to constant enjoyment of life and happiness is damn tiring.

i've had an AMAZING few weeks, and yet my brain feels trained that it's not enough.. i need to keep doing more. keep up with the constant adventure that is life. maybe it's just this season, but things feel like they're happening a lot.

my next 3 weekends are spoken for, with bike-crawl, 5k, super bowl, then boston trip, then chinese new year festival work, then the fair booth prep (and other events and adventures i'm sure to have).
i've enjoyed not knowing what might happen each day of my week.. it's given me lots of opportunities to get out, meet new people, and have an awesome time.. including going out to the old abandoned NASA site... TWICE!

it helps that i've had the house to myself for these 6 weeks. this is probably the longest i've been allowed the house to myself since i first took over the farm in my first summer back about 6 years ago. since then, it's never been more than 3 weeks unsupervised and in charge of everything.

guess i've almost made it.

orion comes back wednesday. i think i've done WoW (Winter of Will) well. from where i was at thanksgiving to where i feel that i am now, it's been a huge transition. i've started biking and running on certain days, along with playing soccer consistently, and also juggling social circles and activities. i had orphan christmas, life in color, new years, and 4 weeks worth of movies, music, clubs, parties, and adventures since.

i'm happy with myself right now, and that's what matters most.
time to go start a fire and enjoy the subtle winter we've had, and take it easy for a night, or a few.
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