The One (souncreative) wrote,
The One

what i've realized in 2 days of being sober is this...
drinking and smoking just seem to make stupid, mundane, boring stuff better.
and at first glance, that sounds like a good thing.
but what i've just realized is that once you take out the drinking and the smoking, then you're just doing stupid, mundane, boring stuff.
not to say that everything anyone does while drunk or high is that way.. in all likelihood, maybe i'm the only one that smokes or drinks for that reason.. but it does lead me to wonder what else i could be doing with my time other than that.

like for instance, 2 days in a row i'm looking at the clock and it's not even 11 and i'm ready for sleep...
if i'd been drinking or smoking, i would easily kill the night watching something on tv, or reading stuff online, or having a bonfire, or going out to dinner, or whatever else i typically spend my weeknights doing...
point is, i'm going to be getting a good night's rest again instead, and i'll be waking up nice and early and refreshed and ready for a new day.
i'm even considering going for a jog in the morning at miller pond. i've got some good tunes on my phone now, and a good set of earbuds.. heck, maybe i'll even go for a bike ride one of these mornings (just gotta make sure the tires are filled up and ready) and parlay that into a jog too.

so with this just being a few days in, i wonder what my mind'll be thinking by the end of the week. it wouldn't be the first time i've realized i've had to cut back my substance use, but it's the first time i'm realizing something about it with clarity.. at least that i can remember.. at least until next time.

should be a good change though, and that's a good thing, cuz i know i still need it.
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