The One (souncreative) wrote,
The One

save the world

i'm really glad that i have tickets to ultra this year.
i need it.

watching the video for 'save the world tonight' by swedish house mafia just kinda goes with my worldview of what's important to me most, and i'm glad i made the purchase as an investment in my own mentality.

with party-as-a-lifestyle-and-mindset in mind, i have quite the schedule ahead of me... endfest tomorrow night should be pretty amazing in that i will have a really cool atmosphere around me, and what looks to be like many of my friends in attendance too. happy daze ranch sounds like a place that i was meant to see at least once in my lifetime, and i've missed out on all my past opportunities.

then there's carrera's and kookie's christmas party saturday night.

then it's orphan christmas..

then life in color..

then surely a new years celebration of some sort..

i've gotta rest up. i'm sure i'll be updating. i love jotting down my social adventures, and the next few weeks are sure to be full of them.
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